Put simply, this website is everything gaming. Whether you want to check out my most recent video, livestream, equipment, or drop me a line you’re in the right place. I’ve decided to split my gaming interests separate from all of my other interests.

Meet the Dr


As you may have already guessed, I'm not a doctor. However, I've carried the pseudonym of DrDunn around for the past 15+ years. The name has traveled across the plains of Azeroth, no scoped the unfortunate in Call of Duty, and saved the princess more times than you can imagine. The only real "evolution" it has experienced is the plethora of different ways it's been pronounced and spelled. Dr Dune, D. R. Dunn, Docta Dunn, the list goes on.

One thing has stayed the same though, my love for games and everything about them. I appreciate the highly complicated process of game development, the meticulous thought and hours of time put into level design, and honestly, just the way games make people feel. This site will serve as a culmination of all of my gaming interests. If there's a game to play or an achievement to earn, I'll be there.

My passion doesn’t stop with gaming. I’m interested in a laundry list of things that wouldn’t mesh well with this site. You can check out everything I am working on and have worked on via my personal website.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I hope you enjoy your time on this site and maybe we will cross paths in the gaming world.



All of my content from articles, videos, streams, and more can be viewed on my content calendar. In the case of an emergency, any updates will be announced on my social media channels.

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